Special Events


Something different that really POPS? Contact us to discuss a fun and interactive Popcorn Bar.

Looking for something different that really POPS?  Contact Stars N Stripes Gourmet Popcorn to discuss a fun interactive Popcorn Bar for your next party or reception.  Add your wedding logo or request gourmet popcorn in your wedding colors for a fun twist!



 Another great option to feature at wedding and events are individual sized favor bags or cones of popcorn. The smaller-portion sized bags can be special ordered for wedding favors, for hotel-bags as “welcome” gifts, and more!

Corporate Gifts and Events


 What better way to say, “Thank You for Using Our Company” or “Job Well Done” than with popcorn corporate gifts? Stars N Stripes Gourmet Popcorn offers the best options for corporate popcorn gifts and popcorn for corporate events that you can customize for any occasion. 

The Perfect Gift - Gourmet Popcorn!


Delicious gourmet popcorn makes the perfect gift for the holidays or special occasions!

Traditional Popcorn Tins


 We offer popcorn tins in a variety of flavors! Our  gourmet popcorn is the great way to say thank you or the perfect addition for parties and celebrations. 

For that Special Someone


You can tailor your popcorn tin for that special someone with any of our gourmet flavors. 

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